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What does it mean to

Play in Purpose?

When you are clear on your mission and doing work that is aligned with your purpose it's much easier and satisfying to let go and play! 


We connect + cultivate wildly successful women entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU! Everything we do is designed to help you grow your business + become an even better CEO!

Do any of these sound familiar?

👉  You’ve been working so hard building that you’ve let some of the fun slip away from your business.


👉  You’ve been spinning your wheels and know your business growth could explode with the right support.

👉  You’re getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be doing more to make it all easier and more effective. 


What you really want is to…


✨ Have badass support from some fierce women doing the same thing


✨ Position your business to stand out and make the $$ you deserve


✨ Collaborate with some powerhouse leaders that are full of inspiration


You can have all of these things without constantly adding more to your plate. 


The BEST part: It can be simple and FUN.

The Play In Purpose Mastermind Is

A Community To Learn, Grow, Gain Support And Share Your Wisdom.


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Our member-exclusive virtual community is designed to expand your network & help you connect with amazing women badass leaders.  

Once you are involved in a mastermind, that feeling of "being alone" while running your business is gone. The other members of the group turn into business advisors of sorts and vice versa.


You may find someone in the group that is a perfect fit to work on a project with you.

Or you may be the perfect person to help another member as well. The group works together collaboratively, to achieve more together.


Yep, thats right!  Not one coach but many, as this is a collective hive mind so your genius is just as valuable as mine! Everyone in the mastermind is unique in skill, experience, and magic. When sharing your challenges, it's almost certain that someone in the mastermind will have a solution for you.  The power of the mastermind.

What The Women Say

"The speaker curation is spot on in terms of topics that I care about for growing my business and career in a nourishing way. From discussions on selling with heart to practicing bold expression, I've gained so many new skills, insights and clarity around my business and personal goals. But by far the best part are the new supportive friendships that started from this group. Candace is a wonderful, hospitable host that takes great care in creating a nurturing space of belonging. I can't recommend joining enough!"


-Nicole Jones

"Candace has created a space that brings together a diverse group of voices and experiences that bridge passion and community in a unique, dynamic way. 

As a former speaker at one of her events, I've had the honor of both sharing my expertise, as well as soaking in the brilliance of the women around me. I highly recommend joining this powerful container for transformation!"

Erin Beata

 "We had a chance to learn from an amazing speaker about a very relevant business topic, and following that, we got a chance to share both what we needed support with in business, and also what knowledge and resources we could help others with.  I made some great business contacts during that event.  One of the best networking events that I had attended.

Haley Bass


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